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This site is No Longer Authorised to FundRaise for Charitable Purposes under the Associations Incorp.Act 1984 Dept.Fair Trading.

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The Ulan Miners Support is not officially operating is for information Support of the Miners, their Families, the Retired Miners and their Families.

The Australia wide network of Miners Support Groups presently within Australia (hopefully globally in the near future), so as to maintain the Bonds of Solidarity!

From the beginnings at Gunnedah to now an Escalating network Australia wide we are now being recognized as the New Age Family Movement! A New Age Family Movement that represents the Voice of the Families (and we have certainly not gone Un-noticed)!

The Support Groups are the Involvement of the Miners and their Families working together, side by side, to support each other in times of needs/crisis. The Miners Support Group is there for everyone, (especially in times of need and crisis) and it cannot be emphasised enough, just how vital and significant these groups are.

The Coal Industry is at present going through some very radical changes. With the many Closures of Mines and Miners being retrenched, the Families of Australia are hurting.

The Industrial arena is being crippled by the many changes to the Awards (or more appropriately the Claytons Awards) etc and the Rights of the Workers and their Families is rapidly being taken away from them.

Australia is being driven back to the pre-Union days where it was a Master/Slave environment and Scab Labour was rampant in our society. The Families suffered enormously and it appears we have gone full circle.

The Coal Industry is one of the most dangerous environments for our loved ones to work in. Over the years we have seen in excess of 2,000 workers killed, yet nothing has been done in regards to Prosecutions.

At present the Multinational Coal Owners appear to have a Licence to Injure, Maime and Kill their workers FREE from Prosecution. We the Ulan Miners Support Group at present are Lobbying for the Abuse of Human Rights to cease.

That Legislation be Passed for Prosecutions.

That the Multinational Corp.Coal Owners be held Accountable and Justice prevail.

Legislation for Prosecution for Serious Breaches of Safety and Prosecution of Manslaughter for Gross Negligence causing Death.

We have seen what happened at Moura where in 3 separate Disasters a total of 36 Miners were killed and there were No Prosecutions!

WHY? We refer to the recent Findings of the Gretley Disaster where it was found there were 43 counts of Gross Negligence and still No Prosecutions!

In the eyes of the Multinationals, the Workers are just mere Human Resources used to make the Mighty Profit!

Our loved ones deserve Respect and Dignity and a Safe Workplace! We the Families should not have to worry whether our loved ones will return to us after their shift.

Statistics show that 1 in 24 workers will be killed!

We need your Support to assist in Lobbying for Legislation for Prosecutions.

Please Email or Write to us if you have information that may assist us in the Enforcement of Legislation for Prosecutions.

Your Comments are very important to us.

We are NO longer a Registered Charity the charity has been dissolved and Miners need your Support Morally

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